We care about athletes.

Injuries can dampen our enjoyment of participating in sports but can also cause setbacks for competitive athletes of all levels. And while they can't always be prevented, you can have peace of mind knowing that comprehensive, experienced sports medicine resources - including experts in non-surgical treatment and physical therapy - are right here in our community and available to help you get back in action.

Texas Health Rockwall Sports Medicine

We're there when (and where) you need us.


All of our facilities are located right here in Rockwall, just minutes from home and work.

Physican referrals

If you need help connecting with a local expert take a look at the team of experts located right here to help (insert link to team/home page). Want to know more or discuss options give our coordinator a call. While we cannot treat or evaluate over the phone we are happy to answer questions of a general nature..

Free sports clinics

Need a quick evaluation? You can be seen by a member of the Texas Health Rockwall orthopedic team. We also offer same-day X-ray and MRI, if recommended by the evaluating physician. To learn more about the clinics and view dates, times and locations, click.

Physical Therapy Centers

Returning to play quickly and safely starts with a solid rehab program. We have seven convenient locations to serve you staffed with a full team of experts to get you to get back in play. For locations and information. click.

24-hour emergency care

Have an emergency? Both our main campus ER and our separate, free-standing North Rockwall ER are staffed by experienced emergency teams and equipped with on-site diagnostic imaging capabilities. And our North Rockwall ER has a 15 minute guarantee* perfect when you just don’t have time to sit in an ER.

Your source for Sports Medicine.

While we offer a variety of services to care for the injured athlete we are also ready and available to help you become a stronger athlete. In addition to injury treatment and rehabilitation our Registered Dietitian offers outpatient nutrition consultation, which may be covered by insurance. We also have a number of local partners who are experts in performance consultation, so give us a call and we’ll discuss those options with you.

Comprehensive care, close to home.

With sports injuries, time is of the essence. Whether it's immediate treatment at the time an injury is sustained, evaluating the severity of an injury or undergoing a rehabilitation program, being as close as possible to quality care can make a difference in the patient's outcome. Our comprehensive sports medicine services are right here, close to home, ensuring that your athlete will spend more time on recovery and less time in transit.

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